Imagine The Possibilities
When You Eradicate Fear And Craft Dreams Of Hope

With The Power Of Dua...

This is the program that alters normal behaviour

While everyone sits at home in self-isolation, anxious about what the future brings...

…whether they’ll have a job or not…
…whether their family will be safe…
…whether the world will recover from this pandemic

While others are hyper-focused on what’s going wrong…

…you have your entire future mapped out.

You’re comfortable, excited…even giddy… about your next chapter.

Why? Because you carved out your Dream Duas for the upcoming year…

…amidst a community, a family of hopeful Visionaires...

...surrounded by the blessing of Ramadan... 

And you’re confident Allah has heard

"Visionaire is like a revival for me. It's like getting gas again."

Kaltun Karani

"Visionaire gives clarity so you can pour energy into what you're passionate about"

Belal Khan

"If I don't take Visionaire, life becomes stagnant. Every experience is a journey."

Sagal Searag

"So much good came out of it. I got a good job, found my dream wife. Being thankful helped me through my cancer."

Hamza Ayedi

What Will Your Next Chapter Look Like?
Imagine you made unrealistic Duas,
(the kind friends & family laugh at)


Now imagine doing that again and again with things others only dream about.

What kinda life would you be designing?

Anyone can do it, but the problem is, they... 

╳ don’t know what to ask for!
╳ feel hurt after 10 years of asking
╳ are ashamed by too many sins 
╳ are afraid to ask for the wrong things
╳ think they're greedy or ungrateful
╳ keep it realistic to avoid disappointment
╳ feel empty, tired, and distracted
What if you SHATTERED every obstacle?
The 15th Annual Visionaire
Is About To Begin
Live with Muhammad Alshareef
Ifrah Ibrahim
Life Coach
"Duas I make now are ones I never had the guts to voice to myself, let alone to ask Allah, things I didn't even dare to want for myself. 

With Visionaire, you get in touch with that part of you, and work up the courage to desire the impossible without worrying about the 'how'."
It's Not What You Think

This is not a program on Dua, but you’ll walk away with Dream Duas that’ll change you, your life and your family. 

This is not a program on Salah, but you’ll suddenly crave longer times in sujood and enjoy sweeter moments in Tarawih. 

This is not a program on Tazkiya, but you’ll recover unshakeable trust in Allah, develop habits of gratitude, and potentially shed tears you didn’t know you could. 

What is Visionaire really?
Ifrah Ibrahim
Kaltun Karani
Sagal Searag
Imagine taking where you are in life right now…

...your dreams, marriage, career, family, happiness, spirituality…

...and raising the bar 10 times higher. 

Imagine getting crystal clear on where you want to go, seeing it in front of you clear as day…

...then transporting to your destination with express speed. 

See, Visionaire as an idea and a movement has spread worldwide since 2013. 

While it is a breakthrough paradigm, its underlying premise is simple and entirely intrinsic to Islam.
Hamza Ayedi
Islamic Sciences Student
"So much good came out of it. I got a really good job, I found my dream wife. Being thankful helped me through my cancer. 

If it wasn't for that, my life would've been stagnant."
This is the STEP-BY-STEP journey you'll take with the Visionaire Family
1. The first step is to reach a level of inspiration perhaps never reached before. You immerse yourself in a breathtaking environment, one that shuts down your guards, breaks down your walls, and unlocks your heart and connection to Allah. 
2. When you’re inspired at the Visionaire level, your trust and faith in the Power and Majesty of Allah reaches insurmountable levels.

That’s when everything clicks. You’re ready to achieve ultimate clarity on where you want to take your life and what you want to be remembered for.
3. With a community of fellow Visionaires, you meticulously craft your 6 Dream Duas, down to their creative wording and visual representation. This is a crucial step to intensify your passion and commitment to your newfound dreams.
4. You also learn how to align these dreams with Allah and Islam, gaining both this world and the next, insha Allah.
5. Here’s the best part and the beauty of it all.

Now with passionate and motivating dreams, how transformed do you imagine your Dua habits will be…

...especially that you now see them before you and truly trust Allah will respond to you as He promised.
See, to put it best…

You enter Visionaire thinking you will change your Duas…

...but in reality… will be your Duas that change you.
Sagal Searag
"When I made these Dream Duas, I didn't expect them to manifest so quickly.

If I don't take Visionaire, life becomes stagnant. Every experience is a journey in discovering who I am and what I want. It's revelatory."
What to Expect When You Join Visionaire Ramadan
Live Online Retreat Sessions with Muhammad Alshareef & Complementary FB Lives In Between
Global Family of Visionaires to Raise You Up and Upgrade Your Duas
Complete Visionaire Formula on How to Get Inspired and Craft Dream Duas
Visualization and Internalization Exercises to Bring Out What Your Heart Truly Desires (Not Your Brain)
Webinars with Experts and Scholars to Keep You Going Long After Ramadan
Vision Boarding and Milestoning Tools So You Can Touch It, See It, Feel It 
Why People Keep Coming Back to Visionaire?
Kaltun Karani
"Visionaire is like a revival for me. With each experience, I can reach out and touch my dreams.

My first Visionaire was in 2014 and have been taking it ever since. I keep taking it because it reminds me; it's like getting gas again."
Belal Khan
"So many Duas of mine have manifested. Each time I realize I can ask for more. The question, however, is do you know what you want to ask for?

Visionaire gives you clarity so you can pour that energy into the parts of life you're passionate about."
Luisana Valadez
"Visionaire is like discovering treasure. I become more and more open with Allah each time I come back (which is every year since 2015).

Refreshing each year is really important because it otherwise stops being part of your life."
In addition to the Core of Visionaire, 
get these BONUSES:
From Hurt to Hope: How Dua Aids The Healing Process
Exclusive webinar with Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed
The Art of Accepted Dua
Webinar with Sh Waleed Basyouni
Tag Cloud: Life With No Regrets
Exclusive New Training By Muhammad Alshareef
How to Memorize Anything
Exclusive New Training By Muhammad Alshareef
Awakening The Sleeping Heart
Exclusive Interview with Sh Omar Suleiman
Manifested Dua Wording
Previous Visionaire Student's Accepted Dua Resource 
The DiscoverU Guarantee
If you find no value in the program, or disagree with its content, or if you have no reason at all to want your money back…

...simply let us know by the 2nd live class (tentatively scheduled for May 3, 2020) and your money will be fully refunded, no hard feelings. 
You have a short window to join Visionaire Ramadan 2020 with this time limited registration page.
Experience What Everyone's Been Raving About
Student Chat During 
Live Visionaire Classes
Absolutely, I was sceptical, but love this Visonaire experience Alhamdulillah, it is utterly amazing!
Taken Visionaire so many times and this activity gets me EVERYTIME
I never realized how big a component gratitude actually is. I always had the conviction part down pat, but gratitude is something I need to work on. I also realized how sincere Sh. Muhammad is when it comes to seeing us succeed. I’m really glad Allah led me to Visionaire.
Cried for the 3rd time, Visionaire goosebumps third time round
Coming up with the dream dues gave me clarity in what my future holds, but more importantly it showed what wasn’t important to me. Now I have a generic dua list as well of everything that didn’t make it on my dream dua list.
Alhamdulillah, Visionaire really was pretty intense where each grain of my being needed to be engaged in wanting this process of making my dream du”aa. Never felt this way really. SubhanAllah. It’s almost like being reborn!
Before Visionaire, I felt like O Allah, I want to have a child, but now I feel so strongly that I want more, like twins triplets! Because this is not difficult for Allah.
SubhanAllah! It’s unbelievable. I now look forward to making Sujood now and making real du’aa. Alhamdulillah
Nadia Aida
Alhamdulillah after Visionaire I feel renewed and looking forward to worshipping and doing dhikr as much as I can and I am really excited to make duas now, just smiling to myself while I ask Allah for my dream duas. Alhamdulillah for Allah’s guidance in leading me to joining Visionaire through series of events. 
Salam Shaykh. JazakAllahu Khair for the experience on Visionaire. I’m getting all teary right now. :’) I will join again Visionaire next year Insha Allah
Visionaire is the best thing that happened to me in a very long time!! Me taking it is already a dream dua manifesting :) Alhamdulillah
Will the sessions be live, and if so, when?
Yes, these are live ONLINE sessions with Muhammad Alshareef (tentatively scheduled):

> Live Class 1: Sat May 2, 2020
> Live Class 2: Sun May 3, 2020
> Live Class 3: Sat May 9, 2020
> Live Class 4: Sat May 10, 2020

Broadcast will be at : 1.30pm EDT / 6.30pm BST 

Use this time converter to check your local time for classes:
If I can’t make it to these sessions, will I have access to the replays?
Yes, you will have lifetime access to the full course, bonuses, and resources.
Will my access ever expire?
No, you will have lifetime access to the full course, bonuses, and resources.
What if I can't attend the live session?
All live sessions will be recorded. You will find access to the recordings within 24 hours on your member portal. You can pre-submit your questions before each session even if you cannot attend live.
What is the registration price?
The registration price is $197.00 USD.
Do you offer financial assistance?
If you've been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, we'll take care of you. Because we don't want to leave anyone behind on this Visionaire Ramadan Journey, please complete the Covid Form at the checkout page if you're unable to afford this program due to the pandemic.
When does registration close?
Registration will close on May 1, 2020.
To participate in the program you must join before then.
I changed my mind, can I get a refund?
You can get a no questions asked, full refund before the 2nd Live class (scheduled for May 3, 2020), giving you access to the first two sessions of the program and bonus resources to explore before making a decision.
How can I contact DiscoverU Support?
You can email our support team at:
or call at: 
North America: (1) 732 645 2703
UK Line: 0207 096 0492
WhatsApp: (1) 514 572 6993